Glass Tube Bottle

Jul 31, 2009

Welcome to the premier industrial Inspection Systems: Glass Tube, Vial & Bottle resource. Shambhavi Impex – Suppliers & exporters of Borosilic Glass Bottle feature that these bottles contain is the built in delivery tube making it a one-piece Wash Bottle. Can be filled with sand, beads, glitter, herbs, etc. Bottles are 1" tall not including stopper. These bird water bottles have stainless steel "quick-release" locking bottle holders, a heavy duty glass bottle and a stainless steel Ball-Point® tube. Save on Lixit Glass Water Bottles GB-16 Medium Tube Glass Bottle size Medium with prices starting at $21.99 from Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies. 1 Silver plated Screw cap with Tube glass bottle*This auction is for 1 silver plated screw cap and tube glass bottle as seen in picture. Lixit Glass Water Bottle with Tube Gravity Dog Waterers Heavy duty glass bottle excellent for cats, dogs, and large birds.

Glass Tube Bottle

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