Pop Can Solar Heater

Nov 30, 2011

how to respect both natural resources and beer – in the form of a Beer Can Passive Solar Heater. Jim Meaney, owner of Cansolair Inc. displays how he converts pop cans into a powerful solar heating panel. Green Home Heating Improvement Using Cheap DIY Pop-Can Solar Panels. Wind Power for the people of Colorado Solar Pop Can Air Heater A very effective solar hot air heater to heat your home, chicken coop or where ever you need heat. An easy way to make a passive solar heater from pop or beer cans. Reduce winter heating costs with little effort and money. 2) I've seen proof that solar heaters can actually get that hot (read my first post DIY Solar panels – air heaters made of pop cans by Mladen_solar.

Pop Can Solar Heater

  • A nice set of picture plans for a 20 sqft pop can solar heater.
  • A couple notes: Don't use the polystyrene insulation shown it will melt if the collector stagnates.
  • How-to video for building an easy-to-make pop can solar air heater.
  • Solar Water Heater & Pasteurizer Made From Everyday Recyclables : TOOLS 1 or 2 liter clear plastic soda bottle.
  • A mini test solar air heater or solar furnace using pop cans just to test the principle.
  • Dan’s soda can solar heater provides up to 120 degrees of temperature differential.

More information about Pop Can Solar Heater on the site: http://jeffreyrichard.com

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