Ptolemy’s Solar System Model

Apr 18, 2012

THE PTOLEMAIC MODEL OF THE PLANETARY SYSTEM – THE GEOCENTRIC SYSTEM. The geocentric system is often called the Ptolemaic system after Ptolemy. Ptolemy's model, in part, sought to explain this behavior. The inferior planets were well as they did because of the extraordinary orbital stability of the solar system. Ptolemy's aim in the Almagest is to construct a kinematic model of the solar system, as seen from the Earth. Let's examine Ptolemy's geocentric or earth-centered model of the solar system versus the Copernicus' heliocentric or sun-centered model of the solar system. Best Answer: the atomic fart http://en.wikipedia.

Ptolemy’s Solar System Model

  • turn outdone by him in the perfection of the planetary path"–meaning, Ptolemy's model the astronomer's dilemma as a young Kepler set out to investigate the Solar System.
  • The model of the solar system developed by Ptolemy (87 – 150 A.D.) was a refinement of Aristotle's (384 – 322 B.C.) universe.
  • This diagram shows Ptolemy's system of heavenly spheres adapted to a Christian worldview.
  • At the center of the Solar System was the Earth.
  • Ptolemy's model was excellent for prediction.
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