Solar System Poster Board

Nov 18, 2009

This extensive bulletin board set covers the farthest reaches of our solar system. Have the students use their distance ratios to create the solar system on a poster board. Have the students explain how they chose the scale for the distances. Decorate classrooms with these solar system posters. This article gives instructions for making a model solar system science project. Learn more about the solar system by making this miniature model of the sun and eight compass to draw two circles with diameters of 4 cm (radius 2 cm) on the poster board. However, you can also make solar systems using construction paper, material, poster board, etc. Be sure you gather all your supplies beforehand.

Solar System Poster Board

  • Poster Board Solar System Software Listing.
  • This screensaver is a series of pictures of the solar system.
  • How well do you know our solar system? This page was created by Matthew Naylor using Web Poster Wizard.
  • Find local Solar System Bulletin Board guide.
  • I still have the very first one I printed under my white board.
  • He has to make a solar system project for his class that will need to be able to hang on the wall for display.

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